Kalinga capital was an ancient time in which name? download pdf

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Kalinga capital was an ancient time in which name? download pdf

1. Kalinga is described in which part of the Mahabharata?
a) Vana Parva
b) Uttara Parva
c) Shanti Parva
d) None of these

2. Kalinga capital was an ancient time in 
a) Kalinga Kataka
b) Dantapur
c) Vijayanagar
d) Toshali

4. Sisupalgarh excavation by whom?
a) Pyarimohan Acharya
b) Satyanarayan Rajguru
c) Kedarnath Mohapatra
d) Braj Basi Lal

5. The first major historical site of Odisha, Sisupalgarh was excavated by
Braj Basi Lal in the year:
a) 1937
b) 1949
C) 1953
d) 1969

6. Odisha is believed to have derived its name from:
a) Orya
b) Urya
d) Odra
c) Udyayan

7. Which of the following historical names of Odisha are mentioned in
Kalidas’a Raghuvamsam?
a) Odra
b) Kalinga
c) Ulkala
d) Both (b) & (c)

9. The original culture of Odisha was:
a) Aryan
b) Tribal
c) Dravidian
d) Western

10. Most of the tribal belong to which, group 
a) Mongoloid group
b) Mediterranean group
c) Proto-australoid group
d) Brachycephalic group

11. Which part (Para) of the Mahabharat mentions Kalinga as a land where
river Baitarani flowed?
a) Sabhaparva
b) Virata Parva
c) Vanaparva
d) Udaya Parva

12. the ancient capital of Kalinga was known which name?
a) Kalinganagar
b) Toshali
c) Malyabanta Nagar
d) Anantapur

13. Which of the following ancient works describes Odras as an ancient
a) Mahabharat
b) Manu Samhita
c) Ramayana
d) Jatak Katha

14. Alberuni in his account (11′ century A.D.) mentioned Odisha as:
a) Odyadesa
b) Urdavisau
c) Olivia
d) Odisha Rajya

15. In Kalidas Raghubansam which city was not mentioned?
a) Kalinga
b) Utkal
c) Toshali
d) None of these

16. “Sakalotkal” which name by whom 
a) Mahapadmananda
b) Ashoka
c) Chodagangadev
d) Samudragupta

17. The ancient Trikalinga was geographically confined to:
a) The east
b) The west
C) The north
d) The south

18. The familiar historical nomenclature of Odisha is found in:
a) The Ramayan
b) The Mahabharat
c) Buddhist literature
d) All of these

19. The word ‘Odra’ from which the present name of Odisha is derived is
referred to as an ancient people according to the:
a) Mahabharat
b) Buddhist Literature
c) Charak Samhita
d) Manu Samhita


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